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Research, grow and enjoy the stunning variety of plants indigenous to the American Northeast.


HoliMoli! Media Premiers Florafolio - Native Plants of the North East for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A perfect pocket guide for gardeners and nature enthusiast to research, grow and enjoy the stunning variety of plants naturally found in the American Northeast.

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Florafolio is an easy to use, interactive field guide to native plants of North America. This edition focuses on the stunning variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, vines, and grasses that are indigenous to Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States. Florafolio is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to identify species in the wild or garden with native plants.

Florafolio Features Include:

Easy to use photo based browsing.
Multiple photos for each plant make for easy identification.
Descriptions, care tips, growing instructions, and habitat notes are written in useful, approachable terms.
Catalogue is searchable by common name and latin name.
Includes in-application notebook for creating custom journals.
Large and ever expanding library of plants.
All library updates are FREE.

Florafolio currently covers plants that are native to the following states and provinces:

• Connecticut
• Delaware
• District of Columbia
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Maine
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• New Brunswick
• Newfoundland (Labrador)
• New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
• New York
• Nova Scotia
• Ohio
• Ontario
• Pennsylvania
• Quebec
• Rhode Island
• Vermont
• Virginia
• West Virginia
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